No swiping between Quick Look previews of custom file types (DTS confirmed) - FB7530945

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    • No swiping between Quick Look previews of custom file types (DTS confirmed) - FB7530945

      When a Quick Look extension is provided for a custom file type, the view of PreviewViewController is consuming all gestures. If this view is extended to its superview's edges, the user cannot swipe from one QL preview to the next. This behavior was confirmed for all view types (even a plain UIView) by DTS (follow-up 726902254) and potentially considered as a bug.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Download the „Particle“ sample as a "Document Browser View Controller" app with a Quick Look extension … just an example for an app with QL support; there is nothing specific about this app, we could also create one from scratch resp. using the Xcode template.
      2. Change the property „allowCameraControl" of the used SceneKit view to false to disable handling of gestures by the view controller (DocumentViewController.swift, line 136): We want gestures to be handled by the Quick Look preview, not by our individual subview. For your convenience I have attached a zipped Xcode project downloaded from you website with this modification made.
      3. Run the app on a device or the simulator, and create two (or more) files by tapping on the „+“ button.
      4. Change into the „Files“ app.
      5. Navigate to the Particles’s document directory.
      6. Preview one of the created particle files.
      7. Use a one-finger pan gesture to move to the next file: It is not possible.
      If you try the same with document types handled by Quick Look extensions built into iOS (e.g. text files or images), a pan gesture on one file’s preview will load the next file. To create these files you can e.g. use the Apple sample code for „Building a Document-based App“, or just download text files or images from the web and navigate to the „Download“ folder.
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